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We can create content for you, not only for a whole book, but for magazine/ newspapers and website articles as well, both in english and portuguese.
If you already have a book and just want to print it in small runs (from 10 copies), we offer Print On Demand (POD) services, with competitive prices.
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Only got the text ready? We offer full book production services: design, editing and printing. Just ask us for a quote!
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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout

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Patrick Wiegand
"The book has its own brand, we can say, its peculiar poison, and we are facing a talented author."
  • Alfredo Monte
  • Book critic - About "Arranhando paredes", by Bruno Ribeiro
"This is a book from a time when rock'n'roll still made some sense. Or maybe it's just the book that proves that it makes some sense. Or it would not make sense to have this book. If rock'n'roll made no sense."
  • Mario Bortolotto
  • Writer - about "Tem um palhaço agressivo (...)", de Bruno Bandido
"In "Universidágua", form and content are interwoven in each other. They are short, sometimes very brief texts, intuitions acclimated in the physical structure of the university, in its departments, in its academic procedures."
  • Mauro Morais
  • Journalist - About "Universidágua", by André Monteiro
"Veil without voice begins and ends in a night, perhaps the same, assuming, as in the text, night as silence - silence as the possibility of everything. Every word breaks out of silence and towards there, unread, it returns."
  • Daniel V Mansur
  • Editor - about "Véu sem voz", de Susy Freitas
"Nunc imperdiet dictum risus finibus luctus. Quisque vestibulum nibh quis elementum vestibulum. Morbi a purus nec metus aliquam accumsan at in orci"
  • Tie-in Edition
  • Blogger
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